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Strong relationships are essential to building a family that thrives. At Parenting & Family Solutions, our licensed counselors will partner with you to achieve the goals and plans that you have for your family. Whether you are looking for extra support or guidance through a challenging situation, or you are just looking to refine your parenting skills and fine-tune your relationship, we look forward to working with you.

Our counselors are available for parenting consultations, family and couples counseling, as well as individual counseling for children and adults. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.


"I particularly liked the presentation by John Dennis. He has a great presentation style. The information was relevant and supportive of providing a healing approach to working with foster children."
Shauna F.
"For the past two years, John Dennis, LPC has been the best speaker. I recommend that he be the keynote speaker next year as he is well versed in many areas."
Michael L.
"Useful information that was relevant to my work. Relateable speaker who was very engaging and also provided additional information."
Christina K.
My son was dead set against coming to counseling! Once I showed him the profile of his counselor he was more willing to go. After meeting his counselor he kept asking to go back!
Kevin D.
The counselors at Parenting & Family Solutions are great at what they do! They made it so easy for me to come and talk.
Christina K.
I got help from Parenting & Family Solutions for my teen when they were at their lowest point. I was able to get an appointment quickly and their therapist actually made it enjoyable and easy to talk to them.
Debra S.